Boracay Villas
Price $1,000.0 Night

Bed : 3 double bed
Occupancy : Not more than 10 guests
Location : Lapuz- Lapuz Rd, Boracay Island
Size : Approximately 500 m²
Bathroom : Shower bath

Located on the east side of the famous island of Boracay, situated on a cliff is The Dreamview Villa.

An exclusive 4 bedroom villa that breathes tranquility and peacefulness.

A luxury, modern escape away from the crowded center of the island, this private estate amidst the lush, tropical greenery of the mountains offers an otherworldly view of the Chinese Sea, and everything you could possibly ask for in a vacation villa.

The panoramic view of the crystal clear blue water, the sun kissed terraces, pool and tanning decks, the best and most comfortable spot to witness Boracay’s breathtaking sunrise, and the spacious and luxurious set up of the property will ensure you will feel right at home, away from home.

The fully equipped kitchen will provide in all your drinking and dining cravings, whether you would like to spend the day preparing for your group barbeque or rather would like to use the services of the recommended private chef, it is all within reach.Full time housekeeping staff will take care of all cleaning matters, so you only have to think about how to make the most out of your stay and your holiday in one of our boracay villa for rent in the island.

All rooms have private entrance, air-conditioning and TV and all rooms of course offer the breath taking view of the ocean.
The bathrooms are all equipped with shower, bathtub and standard amenities.
To ensure your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible the entire villa is elegantly decorated and has very tasteful finishing’s.

Top of the line infinity pool, surrounded by palm trees make a swim or cocktail in the pool feel like heaven on earth. Definitely it makes the place the best boracay villa for rent in the island.

The charming cozy seating areas are scattered throughout the interior, terraces, and pool deck, to fulfill all the needs of our guests, whether is it sunbathing, or sinking into a good book in the shadows of the house with the sea breeze on your face.

Nestled in the mountain, it is secluded enough to provide the utmost privacy to our guests, and the shopping area and nightlife is only 10 minutes away.

Holiday Amenities

  • Private bathroom
  • Own transportation
  • Beach View
  • Amazing infinity pool
  • Hot/Cold Shower & Bathtub
  • Writing Desk & Chair
  • Fully furnished
  • Many many more

Regular plan

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